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Rubbish Clearance in Leicester

Dedicated Rubbish Clearance Services

Rubbish includes everything you no longer need or want – the list could include electrical items or appliances, empty packaging or clothes you do not wear anymore.

Rubbish collection can be overwhelming if not handled properly. Ohara Removals assure you that our rubbish removal Leicester services are reliable and trustworthy; we thoroughly clear the unwanted waste and garbage from your place.

Whether you work in retail, a corporation, or run your own business, our services are designed to assist you with any rubbish removal. Therefore, if you are looking for a trusted rubbish carrier, look no further than Ohara Removals. 

Types of Rubbish We Collect:

Rubbish clearance services in Leicester help you in every possible way by collecting rubbish from your premises; we deal with:

  • Residential rubbish – such as food, electrical or battery waste.
  • Commercial and industrial waste: rubbish collection from schools, offices, retails, factories or hotels.
  • Hazardous rubbish – including dangerous chemicals and substances.
  • Health care rubbish – infected or contaminated by body fluids, including expired medicines and needles.

We Care for Your Well-Being

Where biodegradable rubbish, such as garden waste, food or paper, breaks down naturally but the materials like plastic, cans or battery waste do not, our waste clearance services in Leicester understand the rules and regulations to dispose of each of them accordingly, playing a responsible part in controlling its negative environmental impact.

How Hiring a Rubbish Clearance Company will Give You Peace of Mind

Ohara Removals help landlords and home and business owners without them lifting a finger. Our team collects, removes and disposes of the rubbish, making the whole procedure easy, convenient and hassle-free.


Managing and organising waste, especially for homeowners and small local businesses, can be time and effort-consuming. Hiring us means we can collect waste and remove it efficiently and timely.

Maintain Health and Safety

Instead of doing it on your own, hiring a junk clearance service in Leicester is an ideal option. You may pick up some allergies or skin infections while removing any hazardous chemical or material. Therefore, let our professionals safely handle these materials and chemicals.

Improved Quality of Life

Hiring rubbish clearance Leicester improves your quality of life in multiple ways.  You will not be surrounded by clutter; hence, no need to worry about pest infestation or other problems related to unhygienic living conditions.

Peace of Mind

You can sit back and rest, knowing that our crew will remove any garbage that may be home to insects, rats, or other insects feeding on the garbage.

Environmentally Friendly

Home or business owners may not dispose of junk as they should. Our rubbish removal Leicester services use accurate methods of disposing of garbage by sending it to recycling centres. This will not only stop landfills from overflowing but also lessen their carbon footprint.

Completely Equipped

Our rubbish clearance Leicester company has access to advanced trucks and dumpsters that help us get the job done quickly and efficiently. This means you don’t have to travel back and forth between your home and the drop-off points to dispose of the trash.

Prompt Services

Whether it is about cleaning up commercial or industrial waste, our team always operates quickly and carefully to ensure everyone’s safety.

Decluttering Your Office Space

Removing unwanted items from your office is an arduous task because employees constantly generate rubbish on a daily basis. Our rubbish removal Leicester team can help remove all the obsolete equipment or furniture, leaving your space as good as new.

Pocket-friendly Services

No matter the type of rubbish removal you want, our local rubbish clearance in Leicester always strives to provide the highest standards of services with competitive market rates. Our skilled staff always provides the same level of services and ensures it is accessible to everyone.

Choose Ohara Removals with Confidence

  • Contact us for a free quote and avail of our services at reasonable prices.
  • Quick turnaround service.
  • We protect the planet by recycling your rubbish.
  • Trained and well-equipped team for waste clearance services in Leicester
Rubbish Clearance Leicester